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Live Target Switching

HeadPLUS is the only head in the world with the Smart Object Tracking feature. You can teach up to 3 targets to HeadPLUS and even perform target switching whenever you want throughout your slide. Such motions could never be achieved with such ease before. This is a must-have for live scenarios. The perfect target tracking brings greater visual perception in interviews, product shots, and VFX works.

Hand Control

JibONE, HeadPLUS, and Slide Module have hand-control ability. Just position your camera with your hand and save your pose. When using Target Mode with the Laser Module add-on, framing your object will also be extremely fast. Point the laser on the desired object and save it. Using one or both of these features will save incredible time on sets!

Smart Target Tracking

HeadPLUS is the only head in the world with the Smart Object Tracking feature. While your camera is moving on edelkrone Sliders, Dollies, and JibONE, you can make HeadPLUS track any surrounding target. HeadPLUS has the ability to do automatic panning, tilting, and focus pulling to keep the target in frame, giving you outstanding parallax scenes without any difficult programming.

The feature offered by competitors for targeting objects is to look at the object from two points and give a linear transition. As you can see in this infographic, it does not keep the object exactly in the center because the pan and tilt speeds must be variable during the camera movement for the real target tracking.

Fast Setup

edelkrone motion control system has the fastest setup time compared to its competitors. Just attach the products you want to use, power up, and all desired devices will pair. That's all! You can easily operate all edelkrone motion control devices via the edelkrone App or edelkrone Controller. Changing between setups has also never been easier! After changing your setup, simply restart and pair the devices again. You can always hot-swap batteries while operating to save more time.

Introducing: edelkrone Apparel Collection

edelkrone Apparel

Introducing the new edelkrone Apparel! Your passion for filmmaking, photography, travel and simply life overall has inspired the concept and high quality of the new edelkrone Apparel. With a selection that is made out of premium materials, edelkrone Apparel prioritizes comfort and style, and is for everyone.

edelkrone Apparel

edelkrone Apparel offers the variety you would expect with more on the way. The short sleeve oversize-fit ComforTee t-shirt comes in two classic but classy color options of black & white. The long sleeve oversize-fit ComforSweat sweatshirt and regular fit BasicHoodie come in the go-to black color for any occasion. They all use relaxed and ultra soft materials which are the must-haves for uninterrupted filmmaking and really, living.

You cannot go wrong with any edelkrone Apparel selection. Each option is ready for what your day brings; just put it on and go.

Improved connection & faster calibration with latest update

With the release of version 1.7.8 of the edelkrone App, we are introducing a new “Stay Connected” feature which allows the edelkrone App to remain running in the background while you are using your smartphone for other tasks.

If you receive a call or need to respond to a text, you may do so with the edelkrone App running in the background. And upon returning to the App, you can instantly resume controlling your equipment setup without spending any extra time to reconnect.

With an optional firmware update, you may select how many minutes you would like to stay connected to your setup and even turn this feature off when needed.

Turning this feature off may be advantageous if you are shooting with a crew and more than one phone is being used to control the setup.

With version 1.7.8 of the edelkrone App, edelkrone products will not require the calibration process for Keypose mode, for an even faster workflow.

If you only need to use Pose transitions, the edelkrone App will no longer prompt you to choose whether your slider is on ground or on tripod, straighten your head unit, type in arm length of a jib, or select your lens.

All of this information is only necessary for Target Mode and the Numeric Control feature. If you are not going to use these features, skipping these steps allows you to start using your setup even faster. If you would like to use Target Mode or the Numeric control feature, edelkrone App will automatically ask for the necessary calibration procedures.

Introducing the New QuickRelease ONE v2

Universal quick release system that enables you to attach your camera to any gear or switch between equipment in seconds.

New Quickrelease ONE v2 is Now Lighter, Stronger, and only $99